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Quality Grades

Be Aware Of Big Differences In Quality

A Grade/ First Copy

This is the low quality entry level. The handbags somewhat look like the original on the first view, but if you look closer you will find many flaws such as bad stitching. Cheap materials and poor metal work are normal here. This grade is for people who only want a premium logo on their handbag.

Price range: we don´t sell this


Master Grade

A Master grade handbag replica looks (99%) like the original. Better leather types are being used. The stitching is clean and the details are placed correctly. To save money these handbags don´t come with the same leather types like the original bag. They look same but feel different when you touch them. It´s a compromise, not more, not less.

Price range: This grade we sell on request.


Super Master Grade

The Super Master is the highest level of copy handbags. Real high value leather types such as box calf, swift leather, alligator, ostrich or snake are being used. Clean stitching, the weight and all details are 100% similar to the original model. It´s nearly impossible to spot that it´s a replica because it´s made from the same materials like the orignal. This is the best of the best, made to last longest.

Price range: 2000+ AED for Chanel or LV, 3500+ for Hermes

Limited editions which originally cost up to 650,000 AED are available between 15-50,000 AED. These include Hermes real Croc Leather Handbags.

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